The School of Thinking TSOT

for strategists & smart decision makers

Shaping minds for the future

Human beings are very skilled when seeing only what they are looking for, and hearing only what they are listening to. But this is not sufficient when they want to cope with uncertainty – especially in a global world, with hyper-connected, highly complex systems.


The good thing is, humans can learn to cope with uncertainty. Applying our systematic approach in a way that dealing with uncertainty will become a substantial part of daily business in organizations.


That’s why we have brought into life The School Of Thinking (TSOT). We have designed The School Of Thinking especially for leaders in business, government, and civil society, as they will need to be responsive and responsible to address collective challenges, and to engage for sustainable solutions in a co-creative manner with their stakeholders. 


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© DIALOGOS Unternehmensberatung GmbH