Paths towards strategy awareness

Strategy is the Quest for New Paths to Sagacity


(based on: Carl von Clausewitz)

Strategic thinking and acting is not anymore a task of managers only. Instead, it is much more about a dynamic and ongoing process which goes beyond hierarchies and silo thinking – a new strategic mindset is right to emerge.


We call this new strategic mindset – Strat-Q. Here, it is about:

  • seeing strategy as significant part of daily business, aiming to strengthen decision-taking under uncertainty (VUCA),
  • exploring and expanding the organization´s opportunity space for company growth,
  • collaboratively developing strategies and direction between managers and engaged people (Employee Engagement),
  • in doing so, consistently contributing to organizational intelligence and agility in strategic contexts,
  • fostering a clear meaning and purpose of the company (Thought Leadership).

Organizations are aiming for intelligence through learning. Their people act, reflect, and adapt their behaviours in order to face challenges effectively. In doing so, they are building on the organization´s existing knowledge to enhance productivity through choice and execution. Here, it is about competence development (exploitation or horizontal learning).


On the other hand, individuals engage themselves in search, experimentation, and variation. In this case there is a shift from current knowledge base and skills towards i.e. new technical competences, new market opportunities, or network based expertise. In search for the new leads to a transformation of mindset (exploration or vertical learning).


Bearing this in mind, we call for a new strategic mindset that breaks free of static plans to be adaptive (agile).  Its aim is to emphasize learning, and to allow managers together with employees to take better decisions under uncertainty (VUCA). Furthermore, as employees are engaged more fully, they will deliver results more quickly.


What does leadership in the context of Strat-Q imply?


In accordance with Clausewitz, here, it is about:

  • showing presence of mind in order to discover possibilities and flashs of strategic insight,
  • being equipped with sagacity and resolution,
  • acting in accordance with maxims, and whenever necessary, adapt these to the circumstances at hand.

Strat-Q can be implemented independently from size or industry of the organization.







Just as some plants bear fruit only if they don't shoot up too high, so in the practical arts the leaves and flowers of theory must be pruned and the plant kept close to

its proper soil-experience. (Carl v. Clausewitz)