Our Professional Experience

Lydia Romanos-Hofer, B.A.

Consultant, Trainer, Coach

  • Consulting, training and coaching on the subject matters of corporate culture, leadership development & team performance, communication, development of a resilience-promoting health management as well as respiration, speech & voice.
  • Lifelong learning management through initiating, planning, implementing, and evaluating pro-active, future-oriented further education for companies. Blended learning concepts.
  • Individual, task-related competence development, intertwined with the corporate vision, strategic alignment, leadership principles, and company values.
  • Project management and co-developer of the quality management system for the Austrian Board of Speech & Voice therapists.
  • Developer of tools/methods/models (DIALOGOS® Screenings, VIMAR® coaching & process model, stimmmotion®).
  • Author of the book „Wirkungsvoll führen mit Sinn für Innovation – Leadership durch Sinnovative Führungsdynamik®“.
  • Personal voice coach of TV-presenters, managers and leaders, opera artists and pop singers.
  • Process facilitator for leadership & team competence at a university of applied sciences.




German, English, Spanish

Mag. Arnaldo Romanos-Hofer

Management & OD consultant,  Executive-Coach

  • Management consultant, coach & process facilitator on the subject matter of corporate culture & strategy, leadership development & team performance, systematically planning and implementing a health-focused & knowledge based generation management, development of corporate resilience & VUCA competency.
  • Management positions held in the industry for export marketing and general management.
  • Visiting professor at universities of applied sciences for business ethics, opportunity & crisis management, leadership competence, change management, diversity management.
  • Developer of tools/methods/models (DIALOGOS Screenings®, VIMAR® coaching & process model, The School of Thinking (TSOT) & Agile Leading).
  • Author of the book: Wirkungsvoll Führen mit Sinn für Innovation – Leadership durch Sinnovative Führungsdynamik® [effective leadership with a sense for innovations – leadership through meaningful & innovative leadership dynamism].
  • Co-author of "Management Reloaded", released 2019.




German, English, Spanish, French