A team is a group of persons with different skills, levels of experience, and competencies. Together, they achieve objectives, solve problems, face up to challenges, and deliver results. As a consequence, they grow - as individuals but also as a team.


We design and implement programs for

  • team building projects,
  • age-diverse teams,
  • virtual teams,
  • intercultural teams,
  • teams in restructuring processes,
  • teams, which would like to continuously improve their performance.

Our Teamwork programs focus on (excerpt):

  • Gaining clarity through the values, visions, targets, and tasks
  • Promoting appreciation, fairness, and conflict management skills
  • Warranting willingness to change within the context of new challenges
  • Exercising a sense of community and openness when dealing with information
  • Openly discussing, appreciating, and utilizing intercultural as well as life stage-related commonalities and differences
  • Knowing and considering the resilience of the individual team members
  • Clearly establishing a sense of time and pace of work
  • Jointly determining obligations and assuming personal responsibility
  • Enabling cooperation in virtual contexts
  • Promoting talents and respecting individual values

Focused Teamwork measures guarantee the transfer of learning effects into daily practice, based on previously defined key performance indicators.

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© DIALOGOS Unternehmensberatung GmbH