Start-Ups & Human Capital Development HCD

Start-ups are facing big challenges not only when developing and implementing successfully a business-idea into their market, but also when gaining and sustaining competitiveness. Here, it is also about fostering sustainability in the context of corporate culture, especially related to the founders, the stakeholders, and last but not least the investors.


It is not anymore about focusing on the value to the market only. More and more it is about substantially developing a resilient corporate culture in terms of human capital & organisational development. Not only Start-ups are becoming more and more aware about the importance of their staff representing a major part of their capital even though it is not displayed within the balance sheet. Additionally they see their stakeholders as a crucial competitive factor which will gain even more importance in the near and next future.


DIALOGOS, when working together with Start-ups during the first approximately 5 years of substantial growth, are co-creating a human capital focused corporate culture by means of human capital development and corporate value creating criteria, linked to key performance indicators, and other specific measures for improvement.

We apply these Human Capital Criteria together with key performance indicators for gaining and sustaining competitiveness of Start-ups.