The School of Thinking TSOT

Shape your mind

If you would like to experience how to cope from now on with uncertainty, The School Of Thinking (TSOT) will be the right place to start with. Here you will train your thinking skills and gain unique insights into fine the art of thinking:


You will learn a lot from thinking traps, understanding what they are and what impact they have on making assumptions, inferences, and decisions. All of us have their “preferred” thinking traps, often without being fully aware of them. Uncovering them is really a very insightful journey to start with.


You will gain awareness and clarity about how to set next steps for effectively facing uncertainty within your sphere of influence. The normal state of your mind is that you have intuitive feelings and opinions about almost everything that comes across your way. You often apply a simple procedure that helps you find adequate, though often imperfect, answers to difficult questions, relying on evidence that you can neither explain nor defend. This sometimes works well, but can be very risky for you in the context of volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous events or challenges (VUCA world).


You will learn how to manage your calls for new solutions and the ways to get there. Here, it will be important for you that you learn to differentiate between technical and adaptive challenges in decision making. When the problem definition, solution, and implementation are clear, this is a technical challenge. In contrast, an adaptive challenge calls for a novel solution and a new learning, and not simply a search for given solutions. Much too often adaptive challenges are treated as if they were technical ones.