The School of Thinking TSOT

Set the scene


The School OF Thinking (TSOT) is hosted by Mag. Arnaldo Romanos-Hofer and Dr. Rudolf Lürzer, both founders of TSOT and experts in the field of skillful thinking, organizational change, and leadership development. Each of them has a management consulting expertise of more than 25 years, working for multinationals, and family owned companies as well.


TSOT participants will come together in an experiential learning environment consisting of host inputs and guiding operations, single and group activities, reflexion loops, peer feedbacks, and participants’ case studies related to their professional environment. A TSOT program will take place within a time span of minimum two to four+ days. A TSOT group will consist of approx. 4 to 12 participants. Follow ups and inhouse transfer into the participant’s organization can take place upon request.