The School of Thinking TSOT

Gain competence


The School Of Thinking (TSOT) is based on three interdependent pillars which are Critical Thinking, Systems Dynamics Thinking, and Creative Thinking. You will learn about mental models, tools, and methodologies that are appropriate to be applied when facing turbulent times. Here, the challenge is unexpected to us, and/or we have no clear picture about the future, and/or the situation we are facing has many interconnected parts and variables, and/or causal relationships are completely unclear, as no precedents exist.


Through learning how to apply Critical Thinking in a given situation we can reconsider our thoughts on opinions, and those of the others. We gain competence in testing concepts and opinions carefully, and we learn to distinguish between the ideas holding us back and the ones inspiring us to move on.


We have a mental protective mechanism that causes us to strive for self-preservation and short-term thinking. To overcome our struggle with complexity, we must learn the language of Systems Dynamics Thinking first to define our preponderant beliefs about how the world works. As these beliefs guide day-to-day behaviors and shape world trends, it is crucial then to create integrated models that portray the fundamentals of how the world actually works, particularly with regard to sustainable solutions in times of growing disruptive dynamics.


Our beliefs systems affect our actions, goals, and perception. Those among us, who come to believe that they can effect change, are more likely to accomplish what they set out to do. Here, it is about fostering one´s own self-efficacy. Through applying Creative Thinking individuals and groups can experience a world that generates new approaches and solutions in turbulent times.