Promoting Health-aware Corporate Culture

Four health dimensions: How can we foster health awareness?


Psychic health: Life satisfaction, balance, performance, self-confidence, resilience, authenticity, and self-efficacy.

Managers can promote psychic health through:

  • considering employee´s talents, capabilities, and competences
  • fostering self-responsibiltiy
  • trusting in the employee´s capacities.


Social health: Sociability, trust, empathy, changeability, creativity.

Managers can promote social health through:

  • fostering collaboration, cooperation and cohesion within the team
  • enabling exchange and information flow
  • valuing diversity and preventing prejudices


Existential health: Inner strength and safety. Finding meaning and purpose in everyday´s working life.

Managers can promote existential health through:

  • transparency and open information flow
  • respecting employee´s values
  • meeting the employee´s preferences and motifs, and fostering self-responsibility and commitment


Physical health: physical well-being, Vitality, coping with stress, knowing one´s own limits.

Managers can promote physical health through:

  • Recognizing and considering employee´s limits
  • Enabling breaks and phases of recovery
  • Supporting employee´s self-responsibility regarding fitness, sports, relaxation and  healthy nutrition