Fostering Engagement

We co-create with you a corporate culture which enables the employees to develop their skills & talents aswell as their creativity & passion in a purposeful manner.


Our employee engagement programs for managers focus on (excerpt):


1. Getting awareness of the own practised leadership style & recognize own options of influence and know how to enhance self-responsibility, motivation and self-organisation of employees


2. The following drivers are crucial for employee´s satisfaction and engagement:

  • Amount of influence over Job
  • Use of knowledge and skills
  • Opportunities for individual development
  • Inspiring the very best in the employee´s job performance
  • Appreciation and recognition
  • Clarity about job expectations
  • Career opportunities
  • Regular feedback from and with superiors
  • Trustworthy work relations with peers, subordinates and superiors
  • Knowing the core purpose of the organsiation

Focused emloyee engagement measures guarantee the transfer of learning effects into daily practice, based on previously defined key performance indicators.

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© DIALOGOS Unternehmensberatung GmbH