Corporate Value Creation CVC & Corporate Intelligence

Organizations pursue intelligence. Organizations learn from experience. This exactly is what creates their Corporate Value (CV), in other words, their Corporate Intelligence (CQ) which is a result of successful problem solving, decision making, and innovation over time. Together, these processes contribute to the creation of a learning culture in which employees gain sustainable learning effects. These effects represent the basic prerequisite on the way to generate Corporate Intelligence (CQ).


Thus organizations must create sustainable Corporate Value (CV) for all of their stakeholders. This can only be achieved if the employees at hand are enabling this to happen. So, here we are speaking about the dynamic enablers of corporate value (CV) through generating corporate intelligence (CQ), which are:

  • People and the culture they are belonging to, as they are forming it as well
  • Structural factors of business at hand, aiming innovative power
  • Norms, strategies, and operations (DIALOGOS Corporate Culture Model)
  • Leadership and corporate responsibility. 

On the way to generating Corporate Value (CV), organizations will face three problems. First, the problem of ignorance, due to uncertainty regarding the future. Second, the problem of conflict due to different preferences and identities of the actors, and a lack of cooperation. Third, the problem of ambiguity, as the preferences to be pursued are neither clear, nor stable. In other words: organizations are facing turbulent times in a VUCA World (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity). 


DIALOGOS is your partner for the Corporate Value Creation CVC when it is about forming an adaptive learning culture together with your employees:

  • hosting the interplay between critical, systems dynamic, and creative thinking, with focus on a transfer oriented collaborative culture
  • harnessing given knowledge at hand (Exploitation, i.e., refinement, routinization, reliability – more of what works well)
  • discovering the unknown (Exploration, i.e., search, selection, experimentation -  risk affinity)
  • gaining consistency between inputs, activities, outputs, and outcomes, to foster value creation. 
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© DIALOGOS Unternehmensberatung GmbH