Corporate Academy Design CAD

Corporate Intelligence (CQ) is a result of successful problem solving, decision making, and innovation over time. Together they contribute to the creation of a learning culture in which employees gain sustainable learning effects.


DIALOGOS is the right business partner when it is about designing or further developing your corporate academy. No matter, if your academy aims at following a more demand and/or supply oriented strategy.


We follow a professional design process, based on educational science, its practical application, and the DIALOGOS Corporate Culture Model consisting of normative, strategic, and operational action fields. In doing so, we guarantee consistency of the corporate academy and the business strategy of your organization.


The six phases of a Corporate Academy Design (CAD) are:

  • educational consulting
  • educational needs assessment
  • conception
  • roll out & transfer of programs
  • evaluation & quality management
  • transfer controlling measures 
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© DIALOGOS Unternehmensberatung GmbH