Managing Age Diversity &  Knowledge Transfer

Effective cooperation and collaboration within age-diverse teams is a key factor for sucessful perfomance of an organsiation. The prerequisite: To perceive aging as an opportunity and thus to make efficient use of the interests, skills, and competencies of all employee generations for the better of the company. Executive managers recognize their options of influence and know how to enhance a healthy cooperation among different generations. Here, it is about maintaining working capacities and sustainably embarking on development paths for the overall organization.


We design and implement programs for

  • Managers leading age-diverse teams and departments,
  • Perfomance improvement within age-diverse teams,
  • employees aging 50+,
  • employees planning to retire within the next 3-5 years,
  • Junior managers & High Potentials.

Our programs for diverse-age workforce focus on (excerpt):

  • Analysing the status quo of the workforce structure
  • Differences and similarities in and between generations
  • Life phases and their different needs in the working environment
  • Managing different generations
  • Self-image and attitude towards aging / raising awareness for discrimination & myths
  • Motivation & capability
  • Heterogeneity as success factor for teamwork 
  • Lifelong learning and knowlege transfer in and between generations
  • Health promotion

Focused age-diversity measures guarantee the transfer of learning effects into daily practice, based on previously defined key performance indicators.

How we proceed:

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© DIALOGOS Unternehmensberatung GmbH