The School of Thinking TSOT

Strategic Solutions


Solving a problem simply means representing it so as to make the solution transparent.

(according to Herbert A. Simon)


Participants of The School Of Thinking (TSOT) experience how to deal with volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA) within their own sphere of influence.


They will:

  • Train thinking skills and gain unique insights into the fine art of thinking
  • Gain awareness and clarity about how to effectively face uncertainty within their sphere of influence
  • Understand variations of challenges and complexity so that the process of decision making will lead to intended outcomes
  • Classify a complex problem at hand in order to apply the right measures for resolution
  • Substantially contribute to their own resilient self-efficacy & organizational antifragility
  • Experience how a beautiful mind will establish a beautiful organization, which represents a corporate culture embedded in aesthetics, ethics, and trust.