The School of Thinking TSOT

for Strategists & Smart Decision Makers

Shaping Minds For The Future


Our heads are round, so our thoughts can change direction. (according to Francis Picabia) 



As business becomes more global, fast paced and disruptive, competitive advantage may increasingly depend on successfully managing complexity. In the digital age, artificial intelligence (AI) does not replace human thinking.


AI is much more calling for human

  • growth mindsets,
  • smart thinking &
  • strategies for innovative decision making.

Through managing complexity, leaders gain more empathy, imagination & understanding of challenging issues. In doing so, they become responsive & responsible leaders who embrace complexity & diversity. 


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Source: World Economic Forum

The World Economic Forum (WEF) shows which skills will be indispensable from now on due to the fourth industrial revolution (4IR).


That’s why DIALOGOS has brought into life The School Of Thinking (TSOT) especially designed for leaders in business, governmental organizations, and civil society networks.


The TSOT aims at developing innovative

  • thinking models,
  • methods &
  • in depth approaches,

all of them fostering smart decision making in complex situations.