Path Towards Strategy Excellence & Growth Mindset

Strategy is the Quest for New Paths to Sagacity.

(according to Carl von Clausewitz)


How can we develop the strategic direction of our corporation, continuously, and beyond hierachy? How can we overcome silo thinking?

Strategic thinking and acting is not anymore a task of managers only. Instead, it is much more about a dynamic and ongoing process which goes beyond hierarchies and silo thinking – a new strategic mindset is right to emerge. 


We call this new strategic mindset – Strat-Q. Here, it is about:

  • seeing strategy as significant part of daily business, aiming to strengthen decision-taking under uncertainty,
  • exploring and expanding the organization´s opportunities for company growth,
  • collaboratively developing strategies and direction between managers and engaged people,
  • consistently contributing to organizational intelligence and agility in strategic contexts,
  • fostering a clear meaning & purpose of the company.

Strat-Q can be implemented independently from size or industry of the organization.




Just as some plants bear fruit only if they don't shoot up too high, so in the practical arts the leaves and flowers of theory must be pruned and the plant kept close to

its proper soil-experience. (Carl v. Clausewitz)

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