Strat Q 4 - Transformation

„Strategy starts with an ability to think in new, and unconventional ways”.

(Gary Hamel)


How can we work out prosperous strategies to effectively transform the organization?


Strategy leadership is nowadays a dynamic and ongoing process with the potential to transform the organization.


Strat Q 4 is about:


Relying on insiders who have intimate knowledge about what works and what doesn’t in their daily operations. 

Enhancing organizational performance through a vision that is driven by speed, innovation, and digitalization, so that the company can thrive in new business landscapes. 

Utilizing customer experience (CX) from the outside in with in-depth input from customers. 

Sharing employee experience from the inside through reflection on personal experience, and meaning.


Strat Q 4 key subjects (among others): Think innovation, risk awareness, resilience & antifragility, digitalization & corporate culture, meaningful & values oriented transformation.

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