Organizational Safety Awareness

Dealing with Risk and the Unexpected in a Complex World

“It takes both anticipation and resilience to manage unexpected disruptions, a combination that we call mindful organizing”. (Karl E. Weick & Kathleen M. Sutcliffe)


How can organizations proceed with acting funtionally, even when dealing with unexpected occurrences?

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Behavioral Risk Parameters


From time to time organizations are challenged by the unexpected: Pandemics, natural disasters, international conflict, economic crises, and other unforeseen incidents that affect the ability to function. Understanding how to maintain functionality when unanticipated obstacles strike, is key to keeping any organization viable.


How can organizations maintain functionality when faced with unanticipated obstacles?


Successful organizations emphasize on the following behavioral risk parameters:

  • Deploy adaptiveness through voicing, wording, and behaving to clearly communicate and execute.
  • Mobilize people through sense making to tackle tough challenges and thrive.
  • Assess candidly situations to draw viable conclusions and take properly fitted actions.
  • Seize for evidence when facing adversities, and think out of the box to determine future outcomes.
  • Think critically, risk-based, involve people, and foster risk awareness throughout the organization.