Organizational Safety Awareness

Mindful Organizing

Mindful Organizing


Organizing is about coordination. And the “How” in which coordination is accomplished has a dramatic effect on dealing with the unexpected.


All organizations develop culturally accepted beliefs about hazards, and develop precautions against these hazards that are set out in norms, regulations, procedures, rules guidelines, job descriptions, and training materials.


And all organizations accumulate unnoticed events (blind spots) that are at odds with agreed beliefs about hazards. A smarter way to face hazards productively is with fewer simplifications, less finality, and more revision.


That is, to:

  • continually refresh definitions of what is hazardous,
  • tend to notice as soon as possible accumulated events, when they are smaller,
  • concentrate more fully on abundance anomalies and what they mean, and
  • restore reliable performance in the interest of heightened mindfulness. 

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