Voice Trainings & Coachings


Our voice is individual and unique. When communicating with others we always leave an impression behind. Therefore it is crucial to be clear about the fact, that „there is no second chance for your first impression!“


We provide you with customized voice & communication trainings & coachings for individuals, groups and teams. In doing so, we follow these steps: 


Step 1: Diagnostics

  • We use objective methods & screenings such as medical inspection, logopedical examination, assessment of preferred behaviour, video documentation.
  • Self-assessments are measuring the physical, psychical, and social wellbeing.

Step 2: Target definition

  • The results of step 1 are analysed professionally.
  • Targets for further development are derived and key perfomance indicators defined.

Step 3: Roll-out


Our voice & communication programs focus on (excerpt):

  • Self-perception of one´s voice, body language, articulation.
  • Gain clarity about one´s impact on others.
  • Experience autheticity when expressing oneself.
  • Optimizing one´s vocal and physical capacities.
  • Strengthen the ability to assert oneself.
  • Deal with disstress as well as bodily and mental tension.
  • Balancing one´s life.

Step 4: Transfer and Evaluation

  • We support you in defining your personal plan for consistently transferring your achievements into your daily life.
  • Comparison between the current and desired status.
  • Evaluation through subjective and objective measures.