Impactful communicating & presenting


Target group: people, who would like to improve their presentation skills as well as the effectiveness of their ways of communication with others in different situations.


Prerequisites: Participants prepare a presentation or training session, and present it to the audience (about 10 min). 


Aims: participants will experience their unique and authentic communication and presenting style.


Our communication & presenting programs focus on (excerpt):

  • How to prepare, plan, and roll-out a presentation or training session.
  • Applying reflection-loops and fostering feedback learnings.
  • Raising awareness for one´s own strengths and challenges in communication and presentation
  • How to give & receive constructive feedback
  • Sharpen one´s skills in observing and analysing the posture, bodily tension, respiration, voice, articulation, body language and facial expression of others
  • Experience active listening
  • How to deal with stage fright and stressful situations
  • Considering the keys to a successful presentation, namely the „who?, what? and how?“

Focused communication & presenting measures guarantee the transfer of learning effects into daily practice, based on previously defined key performance indicators.

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