DIALOGOS® Screenings

How can we optimally adjust our further development measures with the pre-existing competences of our employees? 


Our online-based screening tools can be used

  • to analyse the individual´s needs for further development,
  • to determine one´s own status quo,
  • to introduce training topics to the participants,
  • as a starting point for our learning transfer-oriented development measures for individuals, teams and departments.


In this context, the following DIALOGOS® Screenings are used:

  • Health-Aware Acting
  • Health-Aware Leading
  • Health-Aware Leading (Feedback)
  • Leadership
  • Leadership (Feedback)
  • Effective Acting
  • Effektive Acting (Feedback)
  • Teamwork

Upon request, the DIALOGOS® screenings can be tailored to our client´s needs, by defining relevant criteria.  

Protected online access is the safe way to our DIALOGOS® Screenings, namely software-based self assessment & feedback tools.

Each questionnaire consists of 32 qualitative statements and 8 topic-related sentence fragments, which are supplemented in a free, associative manner.

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© DIALOGOS Unternehmensberatung GmbH