Leadership Trainings

How can we design and deliver tailored leadership programs which enable our management staff to establish an effective leadership understanding which is consistent with our corporate culture?


DIALOGOS Leadership Programs (excerpt):

  • Remote leadership in intercultural contexts
  • Role models & individual leadership mindsets
  • Leadership & management
  • Strategic decision management & alignment
  • Complexity management
  • Self-responsibility & -management, self-development & creativity
  • Team spirit & appreciation, trust & open communication
  • Unlocking employee potentials & talent management


DIALOGOS Leadership Trainings in detail:

  • Strategy thinking & strategic decision making
  • Cognitive complexity management
  • Resilience & personal resource management
  • Change design & delivery
  • Health based generations management
  • Employee engagement
  • Unlocking & fostering potentials
  • Young professionals leadership 

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Organizational Aesthetics

How can we explore the aesthetic side of organizational life to foster knowledge sharing in a meaningful corporate culture?


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Embracing Complexity

How can we introduce & develop innnovative thinking models, methods & in depth complexity approaches, all of them fostering smart decision making in complex situations? 

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Think Strategy

How can we work out strategies which will enable us to successfully face competition and disruption?


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Safety Awareness

How can we as an organization proceed with acting funtionally, even when dealing with unexpected occurrences?

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All DIALOGOS training measures can be designed together with our customer upon request.