DIALOGOS® Tools & Methods

Which state-of-the-art tools & methods shall we use for tailored personal development measures, and their evaluation?


We are implementing state-of-the-art tools & methods, when delivering human ressource & organizational development measures, among them:

  • All DIALOGOS trainings are delivered based on blended learning designs. Hereby we mix webinars, virtual trainings, classroom settings as well as transfer measures by using moodle elearning
  • DIALOGOS® Screenings are competence- & role based  self-assessment and feedback tools
  • VIMAR®, a process model used in coachings and trainings
  • Individual Values Analysis (IVA) is our approach to work with individual & professional values in depth
  • Stimmmotion®, a dynamic, person centered action & reflection model aiming at fostering a person´s unique way of communicating & presenting.
  • Insights Discovery®, a typological and behavioral analysis, training & development tool for individuals, groups, and organizations
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© DIALOGOS Unternehmensberatung GmbH