act  reflect  adapt

"Our heads are round, so our thoughts can change direction." (Francis Picabia)

Who we are

We are an internationally operating, interdisciplinary Consulting company with more than 25 years of experience with multinationals as well as family owned businesses. Founded by Mag. Arnaldo Romanos-Hofer & Lydia Romanos-Hofer, B.A.

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What we do

We are experts in the design, roll-out, transfer and evaluation of organisational and human capital development measures.

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How we work

Upon request, our measures are linked with our clients´ normative-strategic corporate guidelines and objectives.

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We love what we do

as to our clients, amazement is the beginning of recognition (according to Plato)  

Our Competence is Agility

THE AGE OF AGILE has just begun


Steve Denning´s latest book with a contribution of DIALOGOS

"The Age of Agile unpacks the groundbreaking ideas and practices that are remaking the very foundations of business. Agile isn´t simply a new process to be grafted onto current management practice. It is a fundamentally different concept - a new mindset - about the structure of your company... and how you must operate to succeed in today´s world." (zitation from the front flap)

Business leaders praise: "The Age of Agile is an indispensable guide to building an origanization that can thrive in a world of unrelenting change."

Gary Hamel, Professor, London Business School, and Director, MLab